Okay my good friends who you will find in the Zen Room where I spend an unhealthy amount of time…

T'eyla Minh (One of my best friends. Great at fan-fiction, she's a lot like me in many ways, well...all ways actually.  She has a site, which is on the links page. )

Then there's
Doec (Great at fan fiction aswell.)

Alright next up is Carrie (Well what can I say? She's crazy, don't see much of her anymore though, shame!)

Now is
Chaz (Chaz is mental, but then all my friends are! )

Mentally ill/Elessar Raven (Nevermore!)

And there is
Lord_Riff_Raff (likes to kill typo demons … all the time)

Cdt. Joeepply (Aka Jareth…*shrug* Nothing much to say)

Lnt.Cdr Gnome
(Gnome's cool)

And there is a whole lotta more peeps but isn't putting them all on right now...so I will add them later! Okay!

Right now to my ICQ mates

Spike - A very good friend and all, the best)

Then there's 
Cave (Been my mate for some time)

~StarBurst~  (Another mate)

Again there are more, but those are my greatest mates on ICQ:)

Now for best mates in my offline world:

First up is
Becky (My best mate who I've known since primary school, we used to get in all sorts of trouble together, still do come to think of it…)

Now is
Louise (definitely not sane! She's my mad mate! Always a great laugh, always brightens up my history and geography lessons! We have a right laugh getting on the teachers nerves and generally making a noise!)

Next up on my list is
Catherine (Another sane friend, She's great, she is liking the X-Files and all, 'tis good I say! Yepsters, Catherine is also one up for a good musical, and tolerates me … just! She listens to my mad
babbling! Not that she has any choice)