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Name: Traci
Nickname: Deja, Janeway, Marissa, The angel of music, blue winged eagle (CB *grin*)
Birth date: 01.01.86
Age: Work it can do it.
Home: Newport, Isle of Wight
Hobbies: Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, boring stuff like that, and any extreme sport I can get my hands on, I'm willing to try anything once...within reason. Singing, that's my main hobby, I also like to act, but I don't do as much of it as I used to, going to the theatre, reading, writing stories, I play a few instruments, I play the clarinet the best.
Music: I love musicals, I like a wide range of music, At the moment I like...Catatonia, REM, Garbage, Alanis Morissette, The cranberries.
Favourite food: Um...pasta and curry!
Favourite movies: The rocky horror picture show, Dark City, Jesus Christ Superstar (the 70's version) Any Star Trek movie that's going, Little shop of Horrors, The Labyrinth, Dark crystal, that's a few, I cant name them all!
Favourite colour: Blue, purple, black
TV Programs: Star Trek! Of course, Farscape, Buffy the vampire slayer, Dark Angel, Stargate SG1, Frasier, So Graham Nortan.
Favourite number: 42, because it's the answer to life, the universe and everything, according to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy anyway, and 24601, just 'cause its in Les Miserables.
What I want in life: Well I want lots of things that I cant have! Doesn't everybody? My dream is to be an astronaut, or to be in the RAF...well both! I want to do something worthwhile, and to have fun!
Favourite animal: Cat, always has been, always will be.
Loves: My cat, Lila who's had kittens! She's a Persian longhair, I got to keep one of the kittens, I called her Teya, so I'm happy. Singing, dreaming, day-dreaming, writing etc.
Things that make me happy: Writing….when its going okay, singing, that always makes me happy, making someone else I like happy, watching Star Trek! Hehe...Chatting to my friends, being left alone, being at the theatre, Darkness, getting nice post, especially if its gone money in it! And...Coffee
Things that make me angry: People, people make me mad, people in general, and I cant think about much else.
Ramble:: Oh...and by the way, I am mad! Crazy, loopy etc...hehe...I love to be different, I don't like people much, they are annoying, in real life I mean,  They get in the way, I was in Southampton yesterday and I was walking down a street against the general flow of people, I felt like pushing them all over or blowing them up, yeah! Drop a bomb on them! Hehe no need to worry about me, I'm perfectly… obsessions… I have quite a few of these...but I'm not putting them all up…*grin* You wouldn't want to know anyway...Ok, some of my obsessions and some stuff I like to
do/watch/see, you get the idea *claps* well done

Obsession number 1-The Rocky Horror (picture) Show - Well anyone who knows me will no doubt know this, well they had better,! People who don't know me know about this obsession! Well I don't really need to explain why if you have seen it, its GREAT! Just brilliant...if you haven't see it you haven't lives yet! I order you to watch it! Go on!
Ok still on the above subject, my favourite characters…
Riff-Raff *grin* … he's cool, Ritz is just great
Frank n Furter … well that's normal…
Fav songs from Rocky Horror…
The time warp! Yey
Sweet Transvestite
There's a light
T-T-T-T-T-T Touch me
Floor show
….right … I am NOT going through my fav quotes! I cant!

Ok Obsession number 2 -STAR TREK
People who know me will also know of my small, but not so small obsession with Star Trek...I don't need to explain what Star Trek is do I?! well if you don't know what star trek is I'd assume you have been living underground with no TV...everyone knows what this is! Alright why do I like it, again I just think its great...people think of Star Trek and they think of the original series with Kirk and Spock  , but n o its great, great effects, great story lines, and yes there is even romance in Trek!  *thinks* yeeees...anyway, My favourite Trek series are DS9 and Voyager.
My favorite characters from Voyager are:
Kathryn Janeway
Tom Paris
B'elanna Torres
The Doctor
Miss Q
Baby Q (awww)
Oh ok that's nearly the whole cast but I cant choose, you cant make me!
My favourite episodes...ready?
"Blood fever"
"the Q and the grey"
"Scientific method"
"Year of Hell"
And there are loads more...but I wont go on

Quotes?! Now I HAVE to put some quotes in here, I wont go on too much, promise!
These might mean nothing to some people, but to someone out there they probably will, so here goea:
"you're not alone Kathryn" - scorpion
"then...I guess I am alone after all, dismissed" - scorpion
"What are you doing with that dog? I'm not talking about the puppy" -the Q and the grey
"Come on Chakotay! I cheated death" - Coda
"go back to hell-coward!" Coda
"My cosmic clock is ticking" - the Q and the grey
"you know Chakotay, it occurs to me that we're not exactly in a command structure anymore, maybe you should call me Kathryn" "give me a few days on that one ok?" - resolutions
"I always have an opinion" - resolutions
"I guess I was always  a girl of the 24th Century" resolutions
" Who wanted to be mucking around in the mud when I could be studying quantum mechanics?" - resolutions (again)
"Tuvok I understand you are a Vulcan man, you have just gone without for 7 years about, Paris please find the way to load a hypo spray, I will give you the sign just aim for his behind, Hormones are raging, synapses blazing, its all so very illogical" - tinker, tenor, doctor, spy
And there is one really sweet quote from resolutions, you know, the Indian story that chakotay tells Janeway, that isn't actually ...yeah hat one, I don't know it off by heart, and I am not going off in search of find it favourite characters:
Julian Bashir
Jadzia Dax
Q (again)
Miles O'brien

I don't know all of the episode titles well for DS9...oh well...

Alright obsession number 3-musicals…
Rocky Horror also comes into this category as well I suppose, but it deserves one of its on, as does phantom of the opera (see below)
Alright some of my favourite musicals are: 'Rocky Horror', 'Les Miserables', 'The Phantom of the Opera', 'Evita', 'Joseph and his Technicolor  dream coat', 'blood brothers',  'whistle down the wind', and those are my top OK onto …

'The Phantom of the Opera'
This isn't actually my top most favourite, 'Les Miserables' is, but at the moment I am obsessed with it, its just so good! Erik (the phantom) is so cool! It's a great story line, and the songs are brilliant, since I first saw it I have loved it, Its one of those that just sticks in my brain and wont budge, The only other that has done that to me is Les Mis,
Ok my favorite songs form the POTO…
'the phantom of the opera'
'think of me'
'down once more'
'I gave you my music…' awww
'angel of music'
'the mirror'
'point of no return'

Ok obsession number 4-singing
I have a passion for singing, I have singing lessons, I love to sing anything, preferably soprano stuff, I love singing songs from les miserables, phantom of the opera, Evita, Whistle down the wind, and loads more, I sing all the time! Well I cant really write much about on we go…

Obsession number 5--people
Ok I have obsessions with lots of people…
But I'm not going to name them I'm not going to say...HAH!

Ok not quite obsessions, but things I really like doing...reading...good books I have read recently, let me see…"the phantom of the opera" "Hex and Hex-shadows" that was a fairly small book and took me about a day to read but it was good…"Jane Eyre" the unabridged version, that was good…"captains chair-Kathryn Janeway" that was good, really sweet at the end! Nearly had me in tears! Awww… "the Q trilogy"… I also read these book called "animorphs" they are really for 13 years olds, but I was 13 when I started reading them! And I haven't been able to stop since:) Ok there are loads more. "Dune" "Slant" "Lucifer's hammer" … and I cant/wont think of all the others, there are just too many

Ok I also like to write stories/poems/scripts, I have written quite a bit of fan fiction over time, HAH I read back over some of the Star Trek stuff I wrote when I was about 12/13 and I was cringing all the way through! It was awful! But it was hilariously funny, some of the stuff I came up with, My first attempt at a novel type thing, The Next Generation! It was mental...if you think my stories now are crazy, you should look at them, not that I would let you or anything:) I should burn them! Alright, I'll shut up now, whoa! Written enough on this page haven't I!? Well if you've managed to read all of this, I congratulate you!